Rasheed Wallace Vindicated!

Rasheed WallaceNBA referee Tim Donaghy is being investigated by the FBI for betting on NBA basketball games that he officiated. I never liked that guy. Donaghy is the referee with whom Rasheed Wallace had the infamous confrontation on the loading dock after a game at the Rose Garden in 2003.

I always thought Rasheed got a raw deal when he was suspended 7 games without pay for allegedly threatening Donaghy. Over the years I watched him play in Portland I got the impression Rasheed wasn’t so much a hot head as he was a man who would not tolerate an injustice perpetrated against him. In general an admirable quality, but in the realm of sports one must have a sense of perspective. Referees, as we well know, aren’t perfect. And NBA referees, in particular, hold obvious grudges and pick favorites, perhaps at the behest of the Head Office, and, apparently, at the behest of the mob.


  1. I agree about Rasheed. He was not a dirty player. He was not a mean player. However, he hated it when a ref made a bad call on him. And he knew there was a conspiracy against him. This thing on Donaghy could be big.

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