A low key New Year’s Eve in Portland

PDX Pipeline is your source for New Year’s Eve events in Portland.

Christian at TriMetiquette called me out, but to be honest I often stay in on the big party nights, e.g. St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, Darwin Day, New Year’s Eve. I could make a disingenuous joke about those being amateur nights, but in all honesty they really are amateur nights . . . I kid!  I kid!  They’re just not my thing.

My only recommendation would be to go someplace that doesn’t require driving to get there; your neighborhood tavern, restaurant, or a neighbor’s house. On any night of the year, but especially true on New Years, the only drivers out after midnight are drunk or cops.

Or TriMet.

All buses and trains are free after 8pm on New Year’s Eve – TriMetiquette has the details!


  1. Hey Dave,
    Wishing you and Heather the best for a happy and healthy 2009! Hope to see you guys soon since you’ll be fellow SE-sters!
    Justin & Katie

  2. Justin – Thanks! Yup – we’re moving this Saturday come hell or high water or snow or ice!

  3. Hey Dave,

    Hah! Good stuff. I did “call you out”… but it was a friendly gesture :)

    In any case, great advice re: go somewhere where you don’t have to drive. That’s what I’ll be doing..

    Have a happy New Year!

  4. Good luck with the move all. Happy to hear the wonderful news. Stay safe, and perhaps we’ll see you out in Row N ville…

  5. Christian – Happy New Year to you too!

    Kip – Thanks Kip; I expect the move to go smoothly! I don’t think we’ll make it to Row N ville, but I’m sure it’ll be a blast!

  6. I wouldn’t mind seeing fireworks somewhere. Do they have those here?

    HNY PDX!

  7. Heather – I googled around and can’t find any NYE fireworks except up at Mt. Hood Meadows . . . but I’m sure if we look in the sky at midnight tomorrow we’ll see fireworks somewhere in town!

  8. Christian,

    why you always calling people out? 😉

    Dave, thanks for the link and good to hear you will be joining us in SEPDX.

  9. Happy New Year Portland!

    See you in the spring!

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