Bicycle hearse: Zero emissions trip to last resting spot

Sunset Hills Bike Hearse

Surprisingly there are no bike hearses in use at cemeteries in bike-obsessed Portland, though it’s probably just a matter of time. [See comment below, however, for an example of a Portland-style bike hearse]

This one belongs to a small cemetery in Eugene. The operators of Sunset Hills have the specific intention of transforming Sunset Hills into a natural burial site, providing a complete range of “green” disposition and memorial services. A zero emissions trip to the last resting spot is one of the offerings.

Via Groovy Green: The Bike Hearse: Your Green Trip To The Afterlife


  1. Gabriel – Nice! Fixed the post 😉

  2. Huh. Why the window, you think? So dear passed Aunt Mildred can enjoy the ride?

  3. Our cemeteries tend to be up in the hills while our churches are well below them. You might need a team of riders (the new version of a pallbearer, perhaps) to haul a coffin and dearly departed up to most of them.

  4. Love it!!

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