Tuesday Timbers Tidbits (05/25/2010)

TimbersI’m getting a bit tired of this, but I am an optimist by nature. I predict the Timbers will go at least a week and a half without a loss in USSF Division 2 play [next league match is June 6th]. Like paulsepp at Dropping Timber, I never liked the month of May anyway.

I watched the Champions League Final this past weekend, and as both teams efficiently distributed the ball with precision around the midfield I was reminded once again that I don’t watch the Timbers for beautiful play. I am a Timbers fan because I love our town, our team, and the sport. Beautiful can happen – all goals are beautiful – but we certainly can’t expect the same level of play we see on the world’s big stages. And goldarnit, the Timbers have been SOL as of late. That may change, and instead of ricochets off the crossbar we’ll be seeing some more goals.

But maybe a partial explanation for the especially sour play of late is that Gavin’s head and tactics are somewhere else (though I doubt he’ll be thrown under the bus). But we do still have the rest of the season to get through. Let’s hope the mediocre play of late will not be emblematic of this final Timber USL season.

On the bright side, this Saturday, May 29th the Timbers host Boca Juniors in a friendly at PGE Park. The result doesn’t matter, so I hope to just enjoy the atmosphere and wide open play.

And lastly, I saw the video below recently and it struck me that this is exactly the kind of farewell homage to the fans the USL Timbers might want to entertain.

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