Tuesday Timbers Tidbits: Everyone is a Critic (06/15/2010)

The Portland Timbers lost to Miami Saturday, but the biggest moans and groans (and boos) came at the Timbers MLS crest unveiling at half time of the USA vs. England match viewing at Director Park.

If you’re a Timbers fan, you’re already aware of the controversy. My stance is that yeah, the new crest is crap. Cartoon shadows and that weird pendulous chevron thing? Really?

Most of the MLS logos kinda suck though. Lots of ahistorical or nonsensical team names, and tenuous grasps at traditions elsewhere. The new Timbers logo does at least tip the hat to the team’s history and previous crest. I can imagine far worse results.

That being said, I didn’t expect the Timbers organization to make such a big change. No doubt they will retain the trademarks to the previous Timbers logos, and use them for retro lines of souvenirs and other ephemera (and if they don’t, they ought to license the previous crests to the 107ist for fund raising efforts).

Timbers Logo 2There are some proposals floating around to jettison that silly triangle chevron thing, but keep the cartoony shadow. Interestingly, the team already has something new that, I think, would be far more acceptable to more of the Timbers faithful. Take a look at the image to the right. I did not mock that up; it’s from an image of a Timber scarf for sale on the MLS Gear website.


Here are few other reactions:

And I’m looking forward to today’s Morning Submission broadcast. Expect a good rant . . .

Meanwhile, the Timbers also announced the season ticket prices for 2011. And they seem more reasonable than the crest choice. Check out this nifty virtual venue thing to see the pricing and compare views from different sections.

And tonight, Tuesday, May 15th the Portland Timbers host the Sonoma County Sol in a US Open Cup match. Kickoff is at 7pm. Tickets are cheap.

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