Stumptown Stories: Rural Revolution (13-September-2011)

Rural Revolution: Lesbian Intentional Communities in Southern OregonThe Stumptown Stories series, geared to everyone who loves this city we live in, takes place most Tuesdays at Jack London bar (basement of the Rialto, SW 4th and Alder). Free to get in, but must be 21 or over – there’s a full bar!

This Tuesday, September 13, 2011, the topic is Rural Revolution: Lesbian Intentional Communities in Southern Oregon.

n the 1970s, hundreds of intentional communities claimed Oregon as home, including numerous lesbian separatist communities. Communities with names like WomanShare, Rootworks, and Cabbage Lane dotted the landscape along the I-5 corridor between Portland and San Francisco. Their goals included the complete disruption and change in the patriarchal system, and the creation of a sustainable egalitarian feminist community. Heather Burmeister will present her interviews with women involved in this utopian effort and examine the reasons why women left their homes in Portland and other urban areas as part of the back-to-the-land movement, how the experience changed them, and what they brought back with them to the city.

Doors open at 5pm, presentation begins at 7:30pm.

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