Kick Ass Oregon History Vol 3 #4: The Great Fire

Kick Ass Oregon History: The Great FireKick Ass Oregon History is the latest series of podcasts from the enthusiastic historians behind

Volume 3 #4 dropped yesterday – The Great Fire:

The Great Portland Fire of 1873

This episode examines the 1873 blaze in downtown PDX. The biggest fire in Portland history. Arson? To this day the answer is unknown.

The brains behind this Kick Ass project are the crack hustlers of Oregon History Doug Kenck-Crispin and Andy Lindberg. Doug is a graduate student studying Public History and Pacific Northwest History at PSU, and Andy, though a Portland native, is currently working as an actor in New York City. Doug does most of the research and writing for the podcasts with input from Andy, who voices the broadcasts with a thespian’s flair.

With the Kick Ass Oregon History podcast they plan to cover just the good stuff: Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll and Earth Shattering, Devastating Destruction.

Ultimately, our goal is to take Oregon History out of the hallowed halls of the academy, get folks excited and enthused about this shared history, and get them out into the state, digging it and experiencing it. Get them to embrace it, and get their boots muddy in the process. It’s all OUR History; nobody owns it.

Visit and stay tuned to @Oregon_History on Twitter for further details on specific episodes and the series. Catch up on missed episodes at the Kick Ass Oregon History archives.

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