Die-Oh-Ram-Ahs! The 2nd Annual Kick Ass Oregon History Diorama Contest

The 2nd annual Kick Ass Oregon History Diorama Contest has begun.

As everybody knows – Dioramas Kick Ass! Those awesome little cardboard boxes detailed with globs of glue and faded construction paper that make history just jump to life! And do you know what kinds of Dioramas Kick the most Ass? Why ones about the History of Oregon, of course!!

Here’s how it works: Create a diorama depicting a Kick Ass Oregon Historical event (check out the podcasts and website for inspiration), take photos of your masterpiece, and email them to oregonhistorian@gmail.com by February 14, 2013 (Oregon’s Birthday!). The winners will be announced at the Stumptown Stories show at the Jack London Bar (in the basement of the Rialto at 529 SW 4th) on Tuesday, February 19, 2013. Winners will bask in fame and glory and gain a whole gang of fourth grades who HATE YOU and constantly sing-song “my diorama was better than yours” each and everytime they see you at Freddies. Oh – AAANNDD win some prizes!!

Entries will be judged on four categories, each worth 10 points:

  1. Kick Ass-ness
  2. Oregon Historical Significance
  3. Originality
  4. Ass Kicken-ness!

And if you bring your diorama to the Jack London show on February 19th, you’ll earn 5 bonus points!

The winner of the top diorama entry wins:

A Complimentary Guest Pass to an upcoming Kick Ass Oregon History Tour!!! AND Internet Fame AND the panache to tell Suzie Snotgrass at the 15th Reunion, “Oh shut your trap, Bitch!”

Stay tuned to @Oregon_History on Twitter and check out the post on ORHistory.com for photos of last year’s entries and more details.


  1. I would agree to do this then find myself waiting till the last night before the due date. Turn it in and et a C-

    Ok, that was the 5th grade.


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