“The Wake of Vanport” Premier Screening (15 November 2014)

The Wake of Vanport, multimedia works produced by the 2014 Vanport Multimedia Project, will be publicly screened for the first time at 2 PM Saturday, November 15, 2014 at the Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church (3138 N Vancouver Ave). “The Wake of Vanport” honors the death of a city and the viewing of its history […]

Humanity on Wheels 2: another Evening of Mass Transit Tales! (20-November-2012)

Humanity on Wheels 2!

Mass Transit Tales – and beers!

Portland Weekend Amusements (September 21-23, 2012)

Feast Portland

Truly the best weekend of the year, the third full weekend in September never quits. My two favorite fall festivals take place this weekend, the Oaks Park Oktoberfest and the Polish Festival, and this year we also have Feast PDX, Rheinlander’s Oktoberfest, train and streetcar events, and lots more – and weather looks delightful!

Back Fence PDX: At A Crossroads (24-May-2012)

Back Fence PDX

Storytellers, free art, free cupcakes, and a Popina Swimwear fashion show!

Kick Ass Oregon History Vol 4 #7: Humanity on Wheels

Humanity on Wheels: An Evening of Mass Transit Tales!

In which we learn never to give alcohol to a bus.