Building the Panama Canal – OMSI Science Pub (3 August 2015)

OMSI Science Pub

OMSI presents Building the Panama Canal as part of the Science Pub Portland series, on Monday, 3 August 2015 at the Hollywood Theatre (4122 NE Sandy Blvd).

OMSI Science Pub: Clinical Genetics and DNA Testing (17 March 2015)


OMSI presents Clinical Genetics and DNA Testing: It is Good to Know as part of the Science Pub Portland series, on Tuesday, 17 March 2015 at the Empirical Theater (1945 SE Water Ave).

Science Pub Portland: Shaping Light with Folded Surfaces (18 November 2014)


Science Pub Portland presents Shaping Light with Folded Surfaces tonight at the Empirical Theater at OMSI (1945 SE Water Ave.).

Portland Weekend Amusements (June 28-30, 2013)

North American Organic Brewers Festival

The first really warm weekend of the year is upon us, so of course: beer. Portland’s summer seems to have begun a bit early this year – the 4th of July isn’t until next week!

History Pub: Geological History and the development of Oregon’s Wine Industry (29-October-2012)

This special Oregon Wine program will explore the relationship of geology, soils, and climate to wine, and discuss the development of the wine industry in our State, noting the geology of the wine regions, and show how they have meshed.