Portland Weekend Amusements (21-23 August 2015)

Portland Timbers

A Timbers match is a nice way to start a weekend, and three cheers for fireworks and hot dogs! Sunday Parkways isn’t a bad way to top it off.

Timbers Army First Thursday (1-November-2012)

Timbers Army

And the offseason begins . . .

Match Day: Portland Timbers vs. San Jose Earthquakes (27-October-2012)

Portland Timbers

The Timbers need a win in the last match of the season to avoid relegation . . . okay, not really, but they would certainly like a win tonight to ease the pain of a remarkably bad season, and to end it on a two game winning streak.

Portland Weekend Amusements (October 26-28, 2012)


Have a fantastic Halloweeny weekend – plenty of stuff to do!

Portland Area Weekend Amusements (September 28-30, 2012)

Still plenty of festivals and fun to take in before fall completely takes over (i.e. the rain returns with a gusto).