Curious about those obnoxious helicopters last night?

I was walking home last night, about 8:45pm, when I noticed the obnoxious helicopters. The occasional passing helicopter isn’t remarkable, but these seemed to be on joyrides, as they swooped low over and around downtown. And they sounded like lawn mowers. Huge, mosquito-like, helicopters. And it went on for hours. You’d think we were in Denver, or something.

The Oregonian is reporting that the police are saying it was a U.S. Department of Defense training exercise.

Update: Jalpuna has some photos of the buggers.


  1. Is that what that was? I thought they were playing tag or something.

  2. Thanks for the link. That sure was quite a site to see downtown last night. The Oregonian article says we might get a repeat performance of sorts tomorrow. I hope not.

  3. i’ve got more on this story here… and they’re not playing tag, they call it urban warfare drills. the military is practicing how to take over cities. yeah, you’d think we were in denver.

  4. Mary Sue – I live downtown so I was mostly just irritated that they were making so much noise.

    Jalpuna – Great shots! I didn’t see them until it was already dark so I didn’t see that there were commando dudes hanging out the open doors.

    media monarch – Thanks for the updates. Indymedia has some more info too.

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