June 5: Help Create Portland Timbers History

TimbersPortland Timbers fan and photographer Steven Lenhart, in conjunction with Michael Orr and Matthew Speakman, is creating a visual history of the Portland Timbers.

And they would like your help.

Do you have a box in your garage that has newspaper clippings dating back to the 1975 season?
A game program from that 1989 season?
A ticket stub or knock-off kit from the modern era?

We are looking for anything you may have that tells the story of the Portland Timbers.

They invite you to bring your Timbers ephemera to Studio 20 on Saturday, June 5th from 3pm to 7pm, where they will catalog and photograph everything for the project and for future reference.

Visit the SCUSA thread You Are Timbers History for contact information and directions.

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