Poutine in Portland?

PoutineWhere can I find poutine in Portland?

Dot’s has jalapeño cheddar (aka “Jolly”) fries, and Oaks Bottom Pub has its “Totchos”, but I need some gravy.

For the uninitiated: Poutine is a French-Canadian concoction consisting of a plate of french fries topped with (fresh, soft, melty) cheese curds, and smothered in brown gravy.

In Quebec, and throughout Canada, you can find poutine at countless cheap to average restaurants, and even some fancy ones. After an evening of beer drinking, diving into a plate of poutine is everything your mind and stomach could ask for.

Please, leave a comment if you know where I can find poutine without having to get my passport renewed!

Poutine image above by Gideon Tsang via Wikipedia via Flickr.


  1. CuisineBonneFemme says:

    Psst, I know where you can find some.

    Check out http://www.portlandfoodanddrink.com later today and I’ll tell you.

    Also, thanks for linking to us!

  2. Woot! Thanks CuisineBonneFemme; I will keep an eye on portlandfoodanddrink.com today . . . finally my blog is paying off! 😉

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  4. Florida Room, N Killingsworth

  5. Thanks VJ, and CuisineBonneFemme . . . off to Florida Room and Clyde Commons this weekend!

  6. Potato Champion! Only place worth a damn in this whole town.

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