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BoozePortland is home to quite a few artisan distilleries (there’s even a stretch of SE Portland known as Distillery Row), so it’s no surprise there are quite a few local blogs about booze too.

Recently I found a new one, Drink Spirits (first post was a week and half ago), and thought it would be a useful exercise to see how many more I could round up.

Drink Spirits

Topics have included the Ramos Gin Fizz, Small’s Gin, and Bend’s micro distillery movement. The blog is a new project by Portland writer Geoff Kleinman, the man behind On Portland: Entertainment, Arts, Culture and Food.

My next stop was pdx Plate‘s nifty Portland Beer and Booze Blogs reader, where I found a few:

Jeffrey Morgenthaler

Writer and drinker Jeffrey Morgenthaler writes about bartending and mixology from Portland, Oregon. The most recent post has the intriguing title: How to Vomit on Your Keyboard Ten Different Ways

Tasty Libations

Amateur cocktail enthusiast Sylvan Thompson and avid cocktail taster Joy Keen produce this Portland spirits and cocktail blog. Their liquor cabinet puts all but the best-stocked bars to shame!

Liquidity Preference

This is the cocktails, coffee, and commentary blog of Portland based freelance writer, barista, mixologist and magician Jacob Grier. My favorite post recently isn’t about spirits, but must have been inspired by the consumption of spirits: Girl Scout Cookie Fry-Off!

And then to my blogroll where I found a couple more:


This blog by Kenn Wilson promises classic cocktails, bar reviews, events, and more – and it delivers. A highlight is his cocktail recipes.

Imbibe Unfiltered

Imbibe is a Portland based magazine covering Liquid Culture. The blog is not Portland, nor booze-centric, but it does cover the local booze scene when warranted.

Update: Found another one, via Twitter: @boozenik

The Boozeniks

“A couple of lively lushes who blog about craft distillery news, cocktail recipes and bottle reviews”, from Portland, Oregon

Update: More, thanks to commenters!

Bar Pilot

A Portland Monthly Magazine blog penned by John Chandler, who “has developed an appreciation for a properly stirred cocktail, all manner of beer, smoky single malt scotch, and the odd moment of clarity.”

And visit the Oregon Bartender’s Guild for more blogs and news about Oregon booze!

If there are some I’ve missed, let me know in the comments!


  1. Thanks for the post on Drink Spirits. The spirits scene here in Portland is really booming and it’s great to get some love from some of the local notable blogs :)

  2. Tyler at Stumptown Magazine covers food- and drink-type news, and has been known to write about local brewers from time to time.

  3. Geoff – No problemo. I’m enjoying the new blog so far!

    Ron, Mo – thanks! I’ll add these to the post when I get a chance . . .

  4. Thanks, also for the link to Tasty Libations. However, I have to point out that you have missed some of the more established booze blogs in town. There is a quite nice list over at http://www.oregonbarguild.org/

  5. Sylvan – Thanks! When I get a chance I’ll take a look and update my list.

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